Important Liverpool player extended contract: Jurgen Klopp reacted!

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Important Liverpool player extended contract: Jurgen Klopp reacted!

Jurgen Klopp is a coach who is focused on every player on his team, and it is fascinating how much he has improved many players who have come to Liverpool. One of them is James Milner. Although he is already in his late years, he is still an important part of the team.

Milner has extended his contract with Liverpool for another year (until 2023) and Klopp is happy because he believes Milner is an important player for the team. “Typically, the discussions we had around extending his contract were centred on: what kind of contribution do we see him making as a player? “My answer to him was the same I’ll share with supporters: we don’t limit it.

We just want the same from him again, because that’s not possible to replace. He can still do it and we still need it. So I’m grateful he answered the call and agreed to give us the extra year of his extraordinary career.

More to come”. - Klopp said, as quoted by liverpoolecho.

James Milner

James Milner is a player who fights to the very end, he is maximally focused on football and every coach would like such a player in his team. His experience, fighting spirit and qualities could be important for the team next season.

I am delighted by this news. It’s important for us – all of us. “A lot is often made of James’ leadership skills and his influence in the dressing room, and of course that’s correct and justified, but nobody should overlook his quality on the pitch, where he continues to perform to a level that meant we simply couldn’t afford to lose him.

“His professionalism is the benchmark for any athlete and it’s why he sets the tone for this team with his ability and attitude. We had the longest campaign possible last season and Millie only got stronger and better and more influential as it went on."