Zinedine Zidane: Of course I want to be France coach! And I will be

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Zinedine Zidane: Of course I want to be France coach! And I will be

Zinedine Zidane talked to L'Equip about many topics and one of them is what's next in his career. "To continue training. I still have a strong desire. And then, why wouldn't I be part of a project of which I am the director or the holder, "he said.

Then he said some things more precisely. "Club president or director of a company. I have already founded the Z5 group, I lead it with family members, my brothers Garid, Nordin, Jame, and sister Lila take care of it the most.

I wanted to start a project with people I love, who are competent, and whom I can trust. The most important thing in life is to be surrounded by the right people. " The French national team is perhaps the next destination? "Of course I want!

And I will be the coach, I hope, one day. It is not up to me when that will happen, however, I want to go through a complete cycle with France. I experienced it as a player, it is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my career.

Really! The pinnacle of football. Well, since I felt that as a football player, that's why I decided to be a coach. "

Next step

Many are wondering if Zidane will succeed the current French coach. "I do not know.

If it happens - it will happen. Sooner or later ... If I said I wanted to lead France, then I stand by my words. Currently, the selection is in place. With clearly set goals. If at some point an opportunity arises then my wish will come true.

I repeat, it's not up to me. That is my biggest ambition. "Leading France is the most beautiful thing." PSG is also considered as one of the options. "Never say never. Especially if you are a coach. Maybe I will train PSG one day.

While I was playing football, I had a lot of options But as a coach, it's not like there are 50 teams I can lead. There are only two or three of them. "