Italy: 20-year-old footballer dies after illness during a match

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Italy: 20-year-old footballer dies after illness during a match

Andrea Musiu was a 20-year-old Italian soccer player who died too prematurely from a sudden illness during a soccer match with his friends. Andrea grew up in the youth sector of Cagliari, an Italian soccer club, before moving to some amateur clubs in Cagliari, Sardinia.

Messages of condolence, disbelief and pain towards the young soccer player arrived on the social networks. Among the many messages arrived also those of his former teammates at Cagliari, such as the central defender Andrea Carboni, who passed in the summer transfer market from Cagliari to Monza.

Cagliari soccer club also greeted the soccer player: "Cagliari Calcio mourns the tragic death of Andrea Musiu, who died on a football field when he was just 20 years old. The whole Club, deeply shaken by the news, gathers around the family and to friends.

Rest in peace. "

The reconstruction of the tragedy

Andrea died in the Il Vecchio Borgo soccer field in the Sant'Elia district of Cagliari. The tragic end of him is due to a sudden illness while he was playing a soccer match with friends.

Andrea, a 20-year-old footballer, has never been able to recover. The timely attempts of 118, arrived on the spot with two ambulances, to revive the boy were useless. Head of the football sector of Ferrini, Pietro Caddeo, said: "Andrea is a splendid boy, educative and above all with a good talent.

He had played in the youth teams of Cagliari, then in the Quartu 2000. In the last two years he was with us, but for a year he was stopped because he had health problems, with his heart. We should have resumed training shortly.

The whole Ferrini is heartbroken and close to his family. " This is just the latest in a series of tragedies that are increasing more and more among young sportsmen, which often involve sudden illness, due to heart attacks, congenital malignant arrhythmias or other external factors.

An autopsy will probably have to be carried out to clarify the dynamics of the young soccer player's death.