Soccer player finds clubs in the UK thanks to his dog!

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Soccer player finds clubs in the UK thanks to his dog!

Daniele Mannini, 38 year-old and former Serie A soccer player for Napoli, Brescia and Sampdoria, has found a new club in the UK thanks to his dog! From East Yorkshire, Mannini works as a sales manager for a company in the food industry after leaving football in January 2020 with the farewell to Pontedera, Italian club of Italoian Serie C.

A few weeks ago Mannini met the president of Beverly Town, he too for a walk with his dog. Mark Smith, the president of the English club, told: "I thought he was a dog sitter and we started chatting. He told me about his past as a professional, I couldn't believe it: I was faced with someone who played against Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Tott.

I asked if he would like to come and train with us and Daniele not only accepted, but he immediately entered well with a professional dedication, also scoring a beautiful goal from a free-kick." Manager Dave Ricardo was amazed by Mannini's career: "I can only praise the attitude he brought to the field, he can be a real inspiration for all his teammates."

Soccer player finds clubs in the UK thanks to his dog!

Daniele is the son of former goalkeeper Alessandro Mannini. On 29 January 2009, Tas of Lausanne disqualified him for a year together with his teammate at the time Davide Possanzini, after a delay in the doping control dating back to 2007.

The Italian Football Federation had acquitted the player, while the National Anti-Doping Court of Coni had sentenced him to 15 days of disqualification. However, WADA, the world anti-doping agency, had appealed against this ruling.

On March 18, 2009 TAS suspended the disqualification allowing the player to return to the team's disposal. He is endowed with good running ability and has excellent physical endurance, during his career he has mainly played as an attacking winger in an attacking trident on both flanks.

Over time he is also often used as a midfield winger and, if necessary, he is also deployed as a full-back, resulting in a real wild card.