Kieran Trippier: "I was close going to Manchester United, but.."

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Kieran Trippier: "I was close going to Manchester United, but.."

Kieran Trippier opened up to the British media and revealed that he was close to leaving for Manchester United. There was a lot of talk about the former defender of Atletico Madrid coming to the red part of Manchester, but that didn't happen.

In the end, Newcastle United was concrete and brought in this great English national team player. 'Yes they were interested’ Trippier said for The Mirror. ‘There were a couple of clubs. Me and the manager had a chat at the start of the season and agreed if an opportunity came up I might go.

‘At the start of the season I had a couple of family problems. To be fair they didn’t want to come back. It didn’t happen, so I carried on. I am not one to throw my toys out of the pram when it didn’t happen.

‘I didn’t have to leave Madrid. I want to make that clear. I loved it there and it was a successful time. I had a few options as well. But for my family it was important.’

Kieran Trippier and Newcastle United

Trippier wanted to return to England, where it all began.

Eddie Howe and Newcastle United had a project planned at the time, and Trippier was obviously part of that plan. He didn't think much and decided to accept the offer. I wanted to come back to the north. So there is (Manchester) City and Liverpool.

As a player you have to be realistic as well,’ he said. ‘The Newcastle deal happened really quickly. The manager (Eddie Howe) took over, who I knew well and it was a good decision. This place is a football city and people are obsessed with their club.’ Newcastle will try to further strengthen the team next season and fight for Europe.

We will see how realistic it is. Some players are on the radar of this team. Newcastle have money for big names.