Joan Laporta to Julian Nagelsmann: Everyone should mind their own business

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Joan Laporta to Julian Nagelsmann: Everyone should mind their own business

FC Barcelona is under a lot of pressure considering that they invested a lot of money this summer in transfers, and the latest reinforcement is Jules Kounde, a great defender from Sevilla. This caused an even greater number of reactions.

Many will wonder where Barcelona's money comes from, given that they recently confirmed their huge debts. Bayern coach Julian Naglesmann is one of the first to react. "Barcelona is the only club in the world that has no money but buys all the players they want.

I don't know how they do it, it's a bit strange, but apparently, they found a way," said Nagelsmann, and thus caused a large number of reactions. The president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, responded immediately and told Nagelsmann to focus on his team, and also mentioned the transfer of Robert Lewandowski.

"Everyone should mind their own business. "Let them take a look at their account, they got a lot of money from Lewandowski," Laporta responded.

Laporta on Barcelona's debts: They didn't count on Barca's strength

Laporta emphasized that Barcelona was heavily in debt, but that they rose from the ashes like a phoenix.

It is obvious that they found a solution to the big problems they were in. We will see if he will pull additional moves and engage in any more reinforcements. "It is true that we were terminally ill, but we recovered and left the hospital.

These gentlemen live in the past. They didn't count on Barca's strength. They say they are surprised, I say they just woke up. Barcelona is back on the market. The strength and value of this club from our 122-year history have their own weight, and they are trying to distort reality," said Laporta.

There are great expectations from the team in Catalonia. Their goal, as always, remains trophies, but it will not be easy next to Real Madrid.