Steven Bergwijn shocked Ajax fans: I hated Ajax at that time

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Steven Bergwijn shocked Ajax fans: I hated Ajax at that time

Steven Bergwijn surprised many when he decided to sign a contract with Ajax. What is interesting is that Bergwijn played in Ajax's academy as a boy, but at the age of 14 he signed a contract with PSV, for which he also played in his senior career.

"All the fun quickly disappeared, because some things happened. I am an emotional person and I was no longer happy at Ajax at that time. And that had nothing to do with minutes, because I am a regular player. All this took a long time, the connection with the coach, whose name I don't even want to say, disappeared," Bergwijn told Algeman Dagblad.

Bergwijn was honest and revealed that he didn't like Ajax because of the treatment he received as a boy. "I had a fantastic time at PSV. I can't say a single bad word about them. There I became the player and man I am today.

I hated Ajax at that time. Not because we were rivals, because I wore the PSV jersey, but because of everything I experienced at the club, because of the way they treated me. However, after a year or two, I got over it, I left everything behind"

CL and Ajax

Steven also revealed that he was happy when Ajax was knocked out by Tottenham in the semi-finals of the Champions League. "Then we were eliminated in the group, and Ajax was doing great. Of course there was jealousy when you watch your biggest rival do well.

At the time, I was happy that Ajax was eliminated in the semi-finals, because I wanted us to play there, not them. Do I regret it now? No, I'm talking the way it was" However, Bergwijn decided to become a new Ajax player and does not regret his decision.

"Maybe for many others it would be too risky to move, but I made the best choice for my career. You can't say "no" when Ajax comes looking for you," admitted Bergwein.