Paul Pogba: Juventus and France anxious about the chosen surgery

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Paul Pogba: Juventus and France anxious about the chosen surgery

Former Manchester United star Paul Pogba stopped training with his new club, Juventus, remedying what turned out to be a lateral meniscus injury in his right knee. Now both his club and the French national team, who will play the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in the winter, are anxious about the decision, not yet taken by the French midfielder, whether or not to undergo surgery.

Pogba is still deciding what is best to do. The rumors of an immediate operation quickly gave way to increasingly careful reflections. Last Tuesday Pogba returned to Italy but a decision has not yet been made. Pogba is trying to figure out if he can avoid surgery or not.

There are three options, with three different situations and recovery times. Suturation, which would allow to completely solve the problem, but with recovery times that would include Pogba's return to the field in January, skipping the World Cup.

The removal of the meniscus fragment: the Frenchman would return in early October, but the problem could return. Conservative therapy: In this case, Pogba would risk increasing the damage, causing problems for both his club and his national team.

Pogba in the press conference

In the press conference after he got Juventus offer, Pogba stated: "Pressure? I'm not what it is! I missed the Juventus fans, the fans here are special. I also felt the affection from the Manchester fans of course!

I have more experience than before, I know my body. I learned a lot at United, now I can also help the younger players and the team. Even when I was at United I talked a lot with Allegri, I always had a good relationship. We have had wonderful years together, this was the right time to come back here with the right person on the bench.

The messages from the Juventus fans have always pleased me, but I was focused on United. In the last year I have thought so much about returning here. I am happy and so are the fans. For me, Juve has always been the number one club in Italy, I thought so even when I was in England.

It is strange to see Juve without trophies. Winning a championship is never easy, other teams have grown, the level has risen: but we want to go back to being first, the place that belongs to us. Strange that Italy did not qualify for the World Cup, but this does not mean anything: in Italy the level is high."