Koulibaly attacks Napoli chairman: "Enough Africans? I say..."

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Koulibaly attacks Napoli chairman: "Enough Africans? I say..."

Kalidou Koulibaly, new Chelsea defender and former Napoli defender, talked about what Aurelio De Laurentiis, chairman of Napoli, said. De Laurentiis said: "Enough Africans, if they don't give up playing the African Cup.

We pay wages to send them around to play for others." Koulibaly replied: "First of all, I give and ask for respect for all nationalities. As the captain of Senegal, I think it is not right to speak of an African national team like that.

I respect what you think, if you believe that the team can play without Africans, it is your right. But I'm sure there are many people in Napoli who don't think like him. I have great respect for the city and for the fans and I don't think what De Laurentiis said is what the city of Naples thinks, but it's just an opinion."

The defender then added: "It's true that the Premier League has wanted me for a long time. I believe in God and in these things, the time was now. Maybe no one was ready before and Napoli didn't want me to come.

I'm not a player. who like to fight with their club to leave. I have a lot of respect for the owner and for the fans but I think this time it was the right time to leave Napoli. Chelsea were the only club that really wanted me to come.

We had the first contact in 2016 when Antonio Conte came here and wanted me to come. It didn't happen, but I've always been tied to Chelsea and this time the stars were well aligned so I came here and I'm really happy to join Chelsea and the Premier League.

Here everything is faster. In Serie A you have time to think about the movements, here you don't. Everything is new, I have to adapt quickly. I hope to stay for a long time, my teammates have great faith in me. There is a great staff and a great company.

I am very happy to be here. I am ready to give everything. When they told me that there were free numbers, they didn't mention it. I asked for the 26th, they told me that no one had brought it since Terry. So I asked Gianfranco Zola if he could put me in touch with him, because I know what he has done for this club and I wanted to ask his permission.

When I called him he thought it was a phone joke. I had to have him talk to the team manager so that he could convince himself that it was really me. I'm glad he gave me his blessing of him."