Napoli's president: I don't want Africans in the team, I'm not an idiot!

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Napoli's president: I don't want Africans in the team, I'm not an idiot!

Aurelio de Laurentiis shocked the football public after he said today that he does not want African players on his team. He also explained the reasons for his decision; "I told the agents not to talk to me about Africans anymore.

I love them, but if they think we are hiring them, then they have to sign a document confirming that they will not play in the Africa Cup of Nations. In other cases, they are never available to play for the club, because they have that competition, and then the World Cup qualifiers..."

, De Laurentis said. De Laurentiis is furious about the huge amount of money they are paying for them, but.. "We are the idiots who pay them, and they travel around the world to play for others"


Aurelio is also furious with the other actors in the football scene.

He believes that it is pointless to play 50 games and that the strongest leagues in the world, more precisely the 5 strongest leagues, should form their own competition. "Like idiots, we play 50 games per season. The five strongest countries must establish their own league.

Enough of fake competitions like Champions League, Europa League and Conference League. We have to make a competition that is played every week, and whose members are clubs from the five strongest leagues" However, from the beginning, he was against the SuperLiga, which was supposed to be a project similar to what he said.

"I was against the Superliga, because at first it was designed so that clubs were invited to join it. Some were privileged," De Laurentiis said. Today's football has become pure profit. Aurelio had an offer from the American Fund, but he decided to reject it.

"In recent years, they have become modern investment funds, which guarantee income within five years. They saw football as a great opportunity to double their earnings. They did that with Milan and Inter, right? During the 2017/18 season, an American fund offered me 900,000,000 dollars to sell Napoli, but they didn't understand that I am a pure entrepreneur who enjoys football. Allow me to continue playing," added Aurelio de Laurentis.