Maurizio Sarri: "I would have liked to coach Cristiano Ronaldo when he was young"

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Maurizio Sarri: "I would have liked to coach Cristiano Ronaldo when he was young"

Maurizio Sarri manager of Lazio, on Italian Serie A, talked avout his club, his career and the chance to coach Cristiano Ronaldo when he was young. Sarri told: "At Lazio I am fine, I like the environment and I have the opportunity to express myself and have fun.

This season I want a real team. And from the first training sessions I am receiving positive sensations. My goal is pleasure, fun and Lazio can give them to me. As I said, I work to create a real team: 25 players who think alike.

What do we need to win? The balance, which is typical of great teams, both mental and tactical. We have shown that in a one-off game we can beat anyone, but then we often miss and lose games. We will need to improve in this.

And I am convinced that what is about to begin will be a crazy season: I expect unpredictable results. I still see Inter as the favorites, but the best market was made by Roma. I don't know if Luis Alberto will still be with us at the beginning of September, for the second consecutive year he has expressed the will to end his career in Spain, specifically at Sevilla.

Milinkovic-Savic? He is a very high level player, with still unexplored potential. Sometimes he favors aesthetics at the expense of effectiveness, but when he looks for functionality he always makes the difference. Our market? Several young players arrived, last season we were one of the oldest teams in Europe and the replacement was necessary.

The one who first understood my methods was Raul Albiol, a superior defender. He was able to understand everything in a very short time, to the point that I could even stay at home: he could easily have managed the training.

Cristiano Ronaldo? My regret is not having been able to coach him when he was young. When I had him at Juventus he was already a world icon. With me he scored 33 goals in the league, I like a football in which everyone is at the service of the team, but it is not easy to convince a champion with those turnovers to change path.

At Juventus I needed more time, I was too little to affect heavily. The same goes for Chelsea. In addition, today everything is more difficult, individualism is increasingly affirmed and this does not apply only to football: it is a generational change, I do not like it and it requires adaptations, I have changed too.

Mourinho? I like him, but we're different. Our differences mainly depend on our origins: I started with amateurs, he directly from Barcelona. There is a big difference between Stia and Barcelona. "