Pep Guardiola on Bernardo Silva: "If he has to leave it is because.."

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Pep Guardiola on Bernardo Silva: "If he has to leave it is because.."

There is a lot of talk about Bernardo Silva and his departure to Barcelona. It looked like that these were just rumors, but it seems that there are concrete things here. Pep Guardiola spoke at the press conference about Bernardo Silva and the possibility of him leaving the club.

“I said many times, my satisfaction training the guys was massive, it was really good. I was comfortable working with Oleks, Raheem, Gabriel, incredible characters that helped us achieve what we achieved,” Guardiola said at his press conference ahead of the opening weekend of the Premier League."

Pep Guardiola: I would love Bernardo Silva to continue here

Guardiola emphasized that many factors can play a role in the departure of players. “Sometimes for the club, sometimes for the players, sometimes for the agent, sometimes you have to divide our path.

Especially the desire of the player is the most important thing. Of course I would love Bernardo to continue here, he is a special player for us. But I don’t know what is going to happen. What happens will happen and if he stays it is perfect and in the end if he has to leave it is because football is like this, the player has a desire, I will not be a person to stop a desire for the people."

Guardiola would like Silva to remain part of the team, but it is unknown if a change can happen in the near future. "When you are a football player it is so short, you don’t realise and it is nearly over. The player will have to talk to the club and I have never ever been involved in that.

I want the best for the player. I want Bernardo to stay here, 100 per cent. He is an important player for me. He is special for me, I don’t know what is going to happen. Man City, as far as I know, we didn’t get an offer. Anything. Last season either."