Jurgen Klopp: A lot of things happened during the week

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Jurgen Klopp: A lot of things happened during the week

Although his team drew with Crystal Palace, Jurgen Klopp is satisfied with what he saw. He is happy about a large number of chances and the play of his team. "The impression of my team's game is really good. I told the guys after the game that I am proud.

And I am - that's how I feel. A lot of things happened during the week and then the game started as it started. I liked it, it was a match like we wanted to play. Of course we wanted to realize our chances better, but I think we found ourselves very well in the penalty area with a lot of opposing defenders.

They blocked seven or eight of our shots in the first half, that's a big number, so we were obviously a device way. But unfortunately then they gave us a goal. I think that was their first counter-attack. That's when they showed how good they are and how difficult it is to play against them, because that kind of moment against a team like this can always happen to you" Klopp said.

Jurgen Klopp on Nunez's red card

The German also commented on Darwin Nunez's red card. "There was a bit of provocation, but definitely the wrong reaction. Pretty clear red card, I can't deny that. He'll learn from it, unfortunately now he's missing a few games because of it.

It's not right in our current situation, but it is what it is." "There always has to be a first time... That doesn't make things any better for us at the moment." Klopp will talk to Nunez, who received a 3-match suspension after the move.

"Yes, of course I will talk to him. I entered the dressing room and first wanted to see the situation, because I didn't see what happened on the field. I saw Andersen lying down and Darwin going to the dressing room.

I only asked our guys and saw that is a red card. Wrong reaction, Anderson wanted to provoke it and he succeeded. But Darwin made a mistake and of course we will talk about it," Klopp added.