Ousmane Dembele: The reasons for my poor performances were two things

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Ousmane Dembele: The reasons for my poor performances were two things

Much has been said about the future of Ousmane Dembele. The fans wanted him to stay, and the French understood that it was the best thing for him. He confirmed to Xavi that he wants to stay. “I always told Xavi that I wanted to continue here.

It took a long time because of negotiations, but I always said that I wanted to continue at Barça and in the end, we are all happy”. Dembele did not think about another club and was only focused on Barcelona and a new contract.

“I never had a pre-agreement with any other club. I told my agent to only listen to Barça. I never feared that I wasn’t going to renew. I knew I was, plus I have a good relationship with Xavi and the board.

I’ve had a good feeling with Laporta, Mateu Alemany and Yuste since the beginning,”

Ousmane Dembele and injuries

Dembele explained what the main problem was; Injuries became an integral part of his career and there was fear.

In addition, inexperience played a big role. “My first three years here were very difficult. The injuries, the games. I had a good day and then a bad day. I think that’s life. There was a point where I was so afraid of injuries.

I would worry about getting injured after doing every turn. Everything changed when Koeman came. When I came here I was only 20 years old. I had only played two years of professional football. I was very young. At 25 I feel so much more mature and calm,” The Frenchman is happy about the new reinforcements; Lewandowski and Raphinha.

“Since the first time he saw me, Lewandowski told me: ‘You’re gonna give me lots of assists.’,” Dembele said. “Raphinha and Lewandowski are very good and will bring a lot. The competition in the team is very good,”