Paul Scholes praised Manchester United player: He's only thinking about going forward

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Paul Scholes praised Manchester United player: He's only thinking about going forward

Manchester United is in great form and fans are optimistic before the Europa League match against Real Sociedad. Ambitions are high, and trophies are something they want. However, the European League is a strong competition and they know that it will not be an easy task.

The last game against Arsenal gave United fans even more optimism that they can achieve great success this season. Erik ten Hag did an excellent job with the reinforcements, and one of the best is Christian Eriksen, who delighted the football public by returning to the field after collapsing at the EURO.

Paul Scholes praised the game of the Dane and what he does for the team. “Well, forwards know when the ball’s coming – they know they’ve got a midfield player [Eriksen] who is thinking about them even before the ball comes.

They know he’s watching, he’s looking all the time,” Scholes said on PL Productions as quoted by Manchester Evening News.

Paul Scholes on Bruno Fernandes and Eriksen

Paul Scholes did not forget about Bruno Fernandes, who is slowly getting back into shape.

Both are truly phenomenal at what they do. “He’s always scanning the pitch and he’s only thinking about going forward. I can’t tell you how important that is as a number ten and as a wide player because, if you don’t have that and you have the players that we’ve had playing in there who are always facing backwards and going backwards, their movement’s a waste of time, so whatever movement they do it doesn’t matter.

You see Bruno, who’s so clever to get in those spaces behind the midfield and in front of the back four, but you need someone to find him and Christian Eriksen has certainly got that. For a number 10 to have any kind of influence on a football game then they need a midfield player of that kind of quality”.