Gareth Southgate paid a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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Gareth Southgate paid a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Great Britain is shrouded in grief after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Sarina Wiegman, who won the trophy with the English women's team at the EURO, recalled the congratulations from the queen. "This summer she [the Queen] took the time to write to me and my players congratulating us for our success.

In that letter she called us an 'inspiration for girls and women' It is you, your Majesty, who was the inspiration with your unrelenting work ethic, leadership, dignity and kindness.
"he national anthem sung with such respect by my players and staff, served as a reminder of what she meant to the country.

The words 'send her victorious' - a line written on our shirts, but was also in our hearts.
My thoughts are with the Royal Family and the whole of the United Kingdom as they come to terms with this tragic news."

Southgate paid tribute

Gareth Southgate paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth, who left a great mark with her humanity and her deeds. The England national team will pay their respects in the next match with black armbands. "In remembering and celebrating the life of Her Majesty The Queen, we are also acknowledging her remarkable leadership and lifetime of dignified service,” he said.
"Her values, her dignity, her resilience were an exemplar to us all and she has provided us with stability and reassurance in the best and also most difficult of times.
"The team will have the chance to pay our respects at our fixture with Germany later this month.
"An occasion that will, of course, bring to mind the World Cup final in 1966 and the moment when Her Majesty handed the Jules Rimet trophy to Bobby Moore.
"As Wembley and the country falls silent, I will think of that and her 70 years of impeccable duty." Queen Elizabeth II was a great supporter of all sports in Great Britain and that meant a lot to everyone.