Jurgen Klopp held a meeting with the players and revealed what he said


Jurgen Klopp held a meeting with the players and revealed what he said
Jurgen Klopp held a meeting with the players and revealed what he said

Jurgen Klopp is under heavy criticism after his team's big defeat in Naples. He will have to think carefully about his next moves and what to do in these moments. “Is this the situation I wanted? No, but now we're in it, I find it interesting and challenging," said Liverpool manager Klopp for eurosport.com "Good things happened in the past and this team showed so much consistency.

We have to respond. We had to talk, we had to show and we had to train. That’s what we did."

Jorgen Klopp on his players

Klopp is known as a man with authority and a strong character. He loses his temper easily, but he is always there for the team at all times.

After the defeat, Klopp held a meeting where he openly criticized the players and pointed out their mistakes. "We had a general meeting, showed them the situations and they were too obvious, it was not needed to say a lot.

Do I question the players? Generally no. But in this situation yes. Why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you do that?
We had obvious football problems, defending, attacking, these kind of things, and what leads to these problems is a misjudgement of the situation.

The players want to sort the situation.
We are not over the moon about our season so far. But in this game it looked like everybody wanted to sort the problem for themselves and that gave us no structure to work together."
We will see if Liverpool can recover from the bad start of the season.

The quality of the team is indisputable, the only question is what the atmosphere is like within the team. “We had four or five days now of absolute truth. We didn’t hide anything or hold back anything, we said it how it is.

Not to knock the players down, just to make sure where we are now, this is the starting point for us and we have to make sure we sort the problems again together on the pitch”. - Klopp concluded.

Jurgen Klopp

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