Rafal van der Vaart on Liverpool: I think it's just a very mediocre team

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Rafal van der Vaart on Liverpool: I think it's just a very mediocre team

Rafael van der Vaart spoke about Liverpool's match against Ajax. The Dutchman believes that his former team can win, and that Liverpool does not have such a strong team. “I think we have become a bit blinded. We suddenly think Jordan Henderson is a crazy player.

That's just a very normal player,” he told Dutch programme Rondo, as quoted by mirror.co.uk "James Milner is also a very normal player. Joe Gomez is also a very normal player. Virgil van Dijk is top, the right back and left back are also good.

“But if things don't go well and those attackers don't have their day, then I think it's just a very mediocre team”. He also warned about two important players; Salah and Diaz. "The only thing I'm afraid of at Ajax is: if Luis Díaz and Mohamed Salah do have their day, then we have a problem.

Then Ajax will never win. Certainly not at Anfield, I don't think Daley Blind and Devyne Rensch are good enough for that”.

Jurgen Klopp on the match

Jurgen Klopp also spoke about the match against Ajax. He believes that they are not consistent enough in their game.

If I don’t want to do one thing [it] is give Ajax any kind of hint or whatever you want for what they have to expect tomorrow night and don’t give anybody kind of a headline, stuff like this,” Klopp explained.

“And it’s not the time for us to do that, we don’t have to create headlines before the game. If positive headlines [are] for after the game and for that the only chance we have is during the game. “I think Ajax expect us to react.

I’m not sure if they use a lot of the Napoli game and say ‘Yeah, OK, that’s how they can play as well.’ But if you see us this season we are just not consistent enough so far. “This consistency we have to build and create again.

That was always the same, it always starts with defending and that’s what we have to do better and then we will see what we can do with that”.