Virgil Van Dijk 'blamed' ex-football player; They try to get us down

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Virgil Van Dijk 'blamed' ex-football player; They try to get us down

Liverpool had a difficult task at Anfield last night, but they managed to score a goal in the last minutes and achieve a 2-1 victory over Ajax. Virgil van Dijk had an interesting interview after the match, and surprised many; “Yeah, not listening to the outside world.

That’s the most important thing.
It’s funny sometimes, you know, because there’s a lot of ex-football players and they know exactly what we go through, but they say a lot of things to try and get us down.
We know exactly that last week was unacceptable.

It was very bad and we tried to make it right. This is a step in the right direction, [but] don’t get carried away because we play so many games”. - he said, as quoted by

Rio Ferdinand's reaction: I would hold my hands up

BT Sport pundit Rio Ferdinand reacted; “If I thought it was wrong or I thought it was personal, then I would get the hump," he said.
“But if it was deserved, then I would hold my hands up.
Listen, the performance in Naples, if they were honest every single player would go ‘you know what, it was a bad day at the office and we deserved the criticism we got’.
We reiterated on the night, we weren’t saying they were a bad team overnight.

No one was saying they were bad players overnight. It was a bad performance”. Jurgen Klopp is happy after his side's victory, given that things were not looking good at Napoli. “Coming back from the horror show in Naples, it was very important for us to show a positive reaction,” said the Dutchman.
“It’s not easy to turn it around.

But this is a step in the right direction. It was very important to win today and get that good feeling going into the international break”.