Is Cristiano Ronaldo getting back in shape?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo getting back in shape?
Is Cristiano Ronaldo getting back in shape?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first goal of the season against Sheriff. Former United player, Owen Hargreaves commented on the performance of the Portuguese; "We know for Cristiano, if he gets an opportunity, you can guarantee he'll score goals.

He just wants to score goals. It's amazing that he's kept this level still.
He's one of the greatest of all time. He's not going to be on the bench for any team. He backs himself every time, he'll never put himself on the bench.

He's one of the greatest of all time”. It gives him a chance to score goals and get himself into the Premier League team”. Paul Scholes is also satisfied with the game of the Portuguese but commented on Harry Maguire, who is not playing at the moment.

“With the way his form has been, they didn't win a game, then they win the next four without him. The whole back four seems solid without him. Seems like he's lacking confidence”. Haregreaves also commented on Victor Lindelof.

“It's tough for him, for any player not playing. He'll have to bide his time and when he gets back in he'll have to play really well. force the manager's hand”.

Erik ten Hag; “I’m really pleased [for Jadon Sancho"

Erik ten Hag is satisfied with the performance of Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both have shown their quality and that they can do a lot this season. “I’m really pleased [for Jadon Sancho]. Another goal… he’s doing well, but I think there’s much more room for improvement for him, because he has so many skills”.

He continued “Ronaldo needed that goal. Many times he came close, but he wanted that so much. We are happy for him and the team wanted to bring him a goal. You know that Cristiano will score a penalty”.

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