Pep Guardiola on Jack Grealish, his performances and influence on the game

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Pep Guardiola on Jack Grealish, his performances and influence on the game
Pep Guardiola on Jack Grealish, his performances and influence on the game

Jack Grealish did not satisfy the fans with his performances in Manchester City. The Englishman was paid 100 million euros and much more was expected from him. Pep Guardiola revealed some details; “He started (the season) really well but had to stop for a problem in the ankle and we were lucky it was not worse,” Pep Guardiola said.

Guardiola is happy with his performances and emphasized what he particularly liked. “In the last game in the final third he was the only one up front who made aggressive runs one against one, but to make assists he didn’t have his mates in the box, so we left him isolated.

I know him and I’m more than happy and delighted with what he’s doing. Now it’s just a question of time to get back a little bit of his momentum that he had at the beginning of the season. Always I say to them, ‘You know exactly how you played, you don’t have to listen to what people say’, whether you played good or bad.

We ask them to be themselves, don’t think of being what the people expect you to be. If you played well and the people say you didn’t, it doesn’t matter”.

Pep Guardiola on Jack Grealish

The Spanish expert is satisfied with the behavior of his player and the influence he has on the game “I want him to make goals and assists and he does too but it’s not about that, it’s about his contribution without the ball and what he can produce for the other ones.

We didn’t sign him for the incredible goals or assists at Aston Villa. It was for another reason. He competes with top, top players as well and he knows it perfectly. He never complains about that. He’s such a nice guy and in the games when he didn’t play, he’s the first to help the team and in the training sessions he’s always there. I’m delighted with his behaviour and everything”.

Pep Guardiola

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