Robert Lewandowski: "From my first days in Barcelona I felt.."

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Robert Lewandowski: "From my first days in Barcelona I felt.."
Robert Lewandowski: "From my first days in Barcelona I felt.." (Provided by Financial World)

Robert Lewandowski is aware that by coming to Barcelona he has a good chance for greater success. "I know that Barcelona are a team where the most players have won it," said Lewandowski of the Ballon d’Or, as quoted by
"I think the path is shorter from Barcelona than from Bayern [Munich].
"It's like having new toys and playing with them, from my first days in Barcelona I felt I was in the right place at the right time.

I feel very comfortable, not only because of the club, but also because of the atmosphere. The most important thing for him is that he feels important in a club like Barcelona. "My team-mates, staff... everyone treats me well.

Everything makes me feel very privileged. To always have the opportunity to be at clubs like this is an added value not only for the coming months and years, but for the rest of my life."


Coming to Catalonia turned out to be a great move, at least for now.

"My move to Barcelona gave me a boost, it boosted my self-esteem. I knew that I had to be a difference maker in terms of results and I'm not afraid of this role. I feel very proud of myself. The young players are well informed, willing to talk and not shy to ask anything.

I share my knowledge and experience with them." The Pole commented on the match against his former club, Bayern Munich; "The game against Bayern was a lesson for us," he admitted.
"Before the game we didn't expect to be able to impose our style and create a lot of chances.

This game showed that we can do that and create chances in difficult games. We deserved to win, or at least draw.
"I didn't expect the Barcelona fans to start singing for me at the Camp Nou. It makes me feel like I've been at Barcelona for a long time."