Harsh punishments by UEFA for six European clubs over ‘racist behaviour’ charges

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Harsh punishments by UEFA for six European clubs over ‘racist behaviour’ charges
Harsh punishments by UEFA for six European clubs over ‘racist behaviour’ charges

The Disciplinary Commission of the European Football Federation (UEFA) fined six clubs for rioting by their fans. Olympique Marseille, Eintracht Frankfurt, Cologne, Nice, Partizan, and Juventus were fined. According to Uefa, the sanctions were given for “igniting pyrotechnics, throwing objects, using laser pointers, causing disturbances in the crowd, and blocking public pathways”.

On October 4, Sporting Lisbon will visit Marseille in the Champions League. On October 13, Nice will host Slovakia’s Slovacko in the Europa Conference League. Due to the “discriminatory behavior of the club’s supporters” during their match against Nice on September 9, Serbian club FK Partizan has been fined 20,000 euros (£18,000) and ordered to partially seal their stadium for their upcoming home game in Europe.

OM, led by Croatian expert Igor Tudor, will play their next home game without spectators due to the frenzy of their fans during the Champions League match against Eintracht Frankfurt. The French runner-up was also fined for torching, throwing objects, using lasers, and blocking public passages.

Eintracht was also fined 45,000 euros for torching, throwing objects, and causing damage. The German team was suspended and partially closed its stadium with at least 1,000 seats during the next European match.

Nice and Cologne were fined for rioting at their Conference League match.

Nice will play its next European match behind closed doors and is not allowed to sell tickets to its fans at the next away game due to racist behavior, throwing objects, torches, an insufficient number of security guards, blocking the passage...

Cologne will have to pay as much as one hundred thousand euros, and the next two away matches will be without the support of their fans. Partizan was fined 70,000 euros for throwing objects from the stands, using pyrotechnics, obstructing the aisles in the stadium during the Conference League match against Nice, and closing 6,000 seats at the next match.

Juventus must pay 15,000 euros and will have to close part of the stand with 1,000 seats due to the racist behavior of its supporters during the match against PSG.

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