Gareth Southgate: "I'm not the first coach to go through a difficult time"

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Gareth Southgate: "I'm not the first coach to go through a difficult time"

Gareth Southgate is aware that his situation is very difficult. England are not playing as expected of them. This could also mean dismissal, but there is still no concrete information. "I am not foolish," Southgate told the press.

“I know ultimately I will be judged on what happens at that World Cup."
"Contracts are irrelevant in football because managers can have three, four, five-year contracts and if results aren't good enough then you accept that's time to part ways.
"Why would I be any different? I'm not arrogant enough to think that having a contract should protect me in any way from results."

The World Cup in Qatar will be the best indicator of the strength of his team. England must give their maximum and it will be very difficult considering the competition. Despite everything, Southgate is optimistic. He has a good team, good individuals, but he will have to work on some details.

“You’re judged on the next match and the next tournament"
"Of course we understand how the mood changes with the results, and it has changed," he added.
"I am realistic about that. I'll be judged on what's delivered in Qatar and I am perfectly happy to be judged in that way.

Southgate and England

Soutghate is a man who knows how to deal with pressure and for him this will be just another challenge in his career. It's not easy, but he's ready! "I'm not the first coach to go through a difficult time in terms of results and criticism.
"That is part of the territory.

For me, it's a great challenge to lead the team through a moment like this.
"You are not going to have six years as we've had without a spell where you are going to have some tough results, and you've got to show resilience to come through those moments."