Paul Pogba: "The first time I was younger, now I have grown"

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Paul Pogba: "The first time I was younger, now I have grown"

Paul Pogba, Juventus midfielder recovering from meniscus surgery, granted an interview to GQ Italia, in which he talked about his return to Juventus. Pogba explained: "I like to think and say that it was my heart and to make the choice, it was the right time to come back here.

The last three seasons, also affected by injuries, have not gone as I wanted and it is no mystery. I thought that if we added to this the fact that Juve have been arriving for two years in which they did not win the Scudetto, it would be a great challenge for both of us.

I thought it was the right time to meet again and to try to take back the place we deserve and to go back to winning. The first time I arrived I was younger: now I have grown both on and off the pitch. When I was at Juve I had experienced players close to me, now I look at myself and I think I have become like these players, like Pirlo, Buffon, Chiellini.

Now it's my turn to do what they did."

Paul Pogba: "The first time I was younger, now I have grown"

Pogba then added: "I have always had a very strong relationship with Massimiliano Allegri, handsome and honest.

He knows me and always supported me when we were here together. Even when I moved to Manchester we kept in touch and talked a lot. Another thing that pushed me to come back is the love of the Juventus fans: I have never heard one so great, not even in England.

Having started playing at high levels when I was very young, I am used to dealing with rumors. It's part of the game: we live with praise and criticism on a weekly basis, but we know we need to maintain balance and focus."

Pogba has also recently been at the center of gossip due to his brother's actions, with an attempted extortion. The events brought Pogba's brother and his accomplices to jail, in a libel that also hit PSG star Kylian Mbappé.