Real Madrid chairman: "Federer and Nadal example that the SuperLeague works"

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Real Madrid chairman: "Federer and Nadal example that the SuperLeague works"

In recent years, the tennis has experienced a real golden epic. The last twenty years has seen the Big Three as protagonists, three tennis phenomena such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. 63 Grand Slam titles together and a first place always the prerogative of these three stars, probably the best 3 athletes in the history of this sport.

If for someone the fact of seeing only three tennis players dominating, always and in any case, in the world of tennis, might seem boring, the reality was not this. These three athletes have changed the sporting dynamics of tennis and of all sport, an incontrovertible fact.

In the last few hours, the world of soccer has again used the Big Three as a yardstick for this sport.

The words of Florentino Perez on the Big Three

During the assembly of the members of Real Madrid, the patron of the Spanish club Florentino Perez clarified once again the reason for creating the SuperLeague, an elite competition among the European Top clubs.

Perez, together with Barcelona and Juventus in particular, has the goal of cultivating this elite competition among the top European clubs, a goal born a few years ago but which so far has not found the agreement of all the clubs and which you see the main supporters of the SuperLeague in total opposition to UEFA.

During his speech, Perez used the Big Three as an example and in particular the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Here are his words: "Soccer is clearly losing the global battle against other sports and other platforms.

We need a clearer and more professional management that is based on the ideas of the current world and not those based on components of the second last." Then Florentino used the world of tennis: "Federer and Nadal have challenged each other 40 times, Djokovic and Nadal even 59 times, is it boring for you? These matches have greatly empowered the world of tennis and now it is much stronger.

We have faced Liverpool only nine times in 67 years, because we have to deprive the fans of these matches. For us it is essential to offer matches of the highest quality and interest." Real Madrid won last season UEFA Champions League against Liverpool.