Bacary Sagna and depression: "I felt like a robot"

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Bacary Sagna and depression: "I felt like a robot"

Bacary Sagna, former soccer player of Arsenal and Manchester City, recounted his depression. In 2008, his brother Omar died in an accident before him. And then, after his father told him to come back to play, he seriously injured his ankle.

From there she starts into the depths of depression: "It's hard to describe, but I felt that nothing was right. In my head I knew exactly what I could give to the team, but my body couldn't. Some days I felt like a robot.

I drove to the sports center and didn't even remember how I got there. I've never talked to anyone about it. People who know me know I'm a silent type, I'm not one who shows up too much. I arrive, I train , I do my best and then if I have to step forward I do.

But I am a quiet type and I would never ask for help."

Bacary Sagna and depression: "I felt like a robot"

He then added: "I have to thank Neil, one of the club's psychologists. One night, before a game, he told me; 'Can I talk to you? I noticed that you are there, but it is as if you are not there.

What's on your mind? ' And so we talked, I realized it was time to get it all out. And slowly I became myself again. I returned to have faith in my means, to be decisive and to play better. Football used to be everything to me, but now, once the 90 minutes are up, there are other things to talk about.

My teammates obviously knew there was something he wasn't giving, because they lived with me. They were all very nice to me, they tried to make me laugh. I remember Clichy once took me to a show called Africa Africa at London's O2.

I have known Gael since the days of the national team and he has always been very close to me. He helped me a lot, but everyone tried to help me, to make me understand that I am still a lucky person, no matter what happens."