ESPN recalled Guardiola's tears: The biggest lie in history

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ESPN recalled Guardiola's tears: The biggest lie in history

ERLING HAALAND also excelled in the Manchester derby. In just half an hour of play, from the 33rd to the 64th minute, he scored three goals, a multiple historic hat-trick for City's 6:3 victory over United. In the 33rd minute, De Bruyne crossed from a corner from the left side, and Haaland scored with a header.

Haaland constantly impresses his coach Pep Guardiola, but he still sees room for improvement in the Norwegian's game. "He once said that he would like to touch the ball five times and score five goals. I don't like that," Guardiola recounted and added: "I want him to be involved as much as possible and to have more and more touches on the ball.

He has become a footballer to score goals, but I want him to get that feeling that you can only have when you have the ball at your feet. Against United I liked that he was involved , but I want it to be even more, without forgetting his greatest talent - scoring goals and being fantastic at it."

ESPN recalled a cute episode that talks about the relationship between the Catalan coach and Haaland. It happened in May 2021. City celebrated the championship title in the last round, but Guardiola cried inconsolably after the match because he said goodbye to Sergio Aguero.

Pep then made it clear: "We can't replace him, we can't." Aguero is the top scorer in City's history with 260 goals in 390 appearances. However, with 14 goals in eight rounds, Haaland is on a great way to overtake him.

ESPN added: "This is the biggest lie ever told."

Aguero's dad blasts Pep Guardiola's 'fake tears' in amazing rant

"I don't believe his tears," he told A Radio La Red (via the Mirror).

"For me, he never wanted Kun. He always wants to be the main man and not the players. I don't believe [in] Guardiola. He never wanted it [the Champions League trophy], he wants to be the protagonist of all the teams. "He says that he [Aguero] is irreplaceable and he does not have him in the squad.

There are things about Guardiola, he is a great coach. But from one day to the next the players change you, the environment changes. You never know if you are a starter or not. "There is someone who says if you are not here to stay at the club and you have no choice but to change.

He was [allowed to stay] until the last time [he renewed his contract] but it was not possible to stay with the team where he is an idol."