Jack Grealish: Copenhagen's goalkeeper told me that 'Haaland is not human'

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Jack Grealish: Copenhagen's goalkeeper told me that 'Haaland is not human'

Erling Haaland continues his great form. This time he scored 2 goals against Copenhagen and seems unstoppable. His teammate, Jack Grealish, was delighted with the performance of this young Norwegian. “Do you know what? It’s unbelievable, honestly, I’ve never ever witnessed anything like it in my life,” Jack Grealish said, as quoted by eurosport.com “For the first and second goal, I was just laughing because I was like, ‘how?’, because he’s always there, he’s always finishing it, and yeah, he’s a pleasure to play with at the moment”.

Jack Grealish also revealed the mini-conversation he had with the goalkeeper of the opposing team. “After one of the goals, I think the third one, the keeper said something to me, he said ‘this guy’s not human’, and I was like bro, you’re telling me!

He’s unbelievable honestly, he’s a pleasure to play with, he’s so humble, he’s great around the place and that isn’t me just bigging him up, that’s the honest truth.
Hopefully he can carry on this form and fire us to glory”.

Pep Guardiola on his team

Pep Guardiola was delighted with his team's victory. They will be the main candidates for all titles. But let's wait. "Tonight we see the reasons why the last years have been successful for this club,” said City boss Guardiola.
"After United [6-3 victory on Sunday], we were able to be humble enough to respect the opponent.

This is the secret of this game. It was the work ethic. Yesterday we trained for 20 minutes and everyone was focused and paid attention.
This is the reason why this season and seasons before with different players, every three days we are there.
This is the biggest title we can get.

Beyond the Premier League, Champions League...everything. This is the best.
We played really well, the performance beyond the result was magnificent”.