Carles Puyol apologises for 'joke' reply to Iker Casillas: I have made a mistake


Carles Puyol apologises for 'joke' reply to Iker Casillas: I have made a mistake
Carles Puyol apologises for 'joke' reply to Iker Casillas: I have made a mistake

The legendary Barcelona football player Carles Puyol apologized for, as he claims, an inappropriate comment on the post of Iker Casillas, who wrote on the social network Twitter that he is gay. The famous goalkeeper later apologized that his profile was hacked, but Puyol issued an apology anyway.

"I hope you will respect me. I am gay," Casillas wrote briefly, after which he soon deleted the post, and then published a new status in which he said that his account had been hacked. In a short time, there was a complete frenzy on the Internet, everyone was transmitting Casillas' tweet wondering if it was the truth, a joke, or part of some campaign.

The Spanish media speculated that the former goalkeeper wanted to send a message to the tabloids with this move. Since he divorced his wife Sara Carbonero in March of last year, with whom he was married for five years and had two children, he has been constantly associated with different women, and he persistently denies everything.

The controversial announcement was made on Twitter a few hours earlier, but Iker was the one who went on Twitter to announce himself and explain what the whole situation was about. In Casillas' original post, Puyol said that "the time has come for them to tell their story", which at the time caused further controversy and shocked many.

Puyol's response

"I have made a mistake. Sorry for a clumsy joke with no bad intentions and totally out of place. I understand that it may have hurt sensitivities. All my respect and support for the LGTBIQA+ community," Puyol's response read.

Puyol has two children with his girlfriend Vanessa Lorenzo, while Casillas divorced his wife in March 2021 after five years of marriage. Many believe that Iker's tweet was in response to rumors about his post-divorce life, when the media linked him to a number of famous women.


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