Man City's Erling Haaland reveals bizarre diet behind his early success


Man City's Erling Haaland reveals bizarre diet behind his early success
Man City's Erling Haaland reveals bizarre diet behind his early success

What does Erling Haaland eat when he scores so much, probably many people asked themselves watching the start of the Norwegian star's career in Manchester City, and the English media tried their best to literally answer that question.

His appetite for goals is prodigious, and his appetite when it comes to food is prodigious, to say the least. Namely, he is neither vegan nor vegetarian, but he only eats certain parts of animals and that is why his diet is specific

He only eats the heart and liver

Of the parts of the cow's body, he only eats the heart and liver.

These organs of animal origin are rich in vitamin B, but also in some other important nutrients. He allegedly got the idea of ​​a healthy diet from listening to Patrice Evra talk about Cristiano Ronaldo's diet. Therefore, he probably does not touch Coca Cola, not only does he not drink it, but he even filters the water.

"You [other people] don't eat this, but I am concerned with taking care of my body. I think eating quality food that is as local as possible is the most important. People say meat is bad for you, but which? The meat you get at McDonald's? Or the local cow eating grass right over there? I eat the heart and the liver." Keeping in top shape requires Haaland to consume around 6,000 calories a day.

The other curious practices that he employs include filtering his water and getting sunlight directly into his eyes after he wakes up, among others. His methods seem to be working no matter what he does. There is a huge Premier League match against Liverpool on October 12 before Manchester City take on Copenhagen in the Champions League.

He was underwhelming in City's first match against the Reds in the Community Shield, but he has since proved anyone wrong, and will probably do so again on October 16.

Erling Haaland Manchester City

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