Brazil's Ronaldo reveals that he has battled depression for a long time


Brazil's Ronaldo reveals that he has battled depression for a long time
Brazil's Ronaldo reveals that he has battled depression for a long time

As the legendary Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo (46) recently revealed, he has undergone two-and-a-half years of psychotherapy in order to overcome depression. In a recent interview with Marca, one of the best football players of all time admitted that he has been struggling with depression for a long time.

“Today I am in therapy. I have been in therapy for two and a half years and I understand myself better than before. I am the generation that was thrown into the arena and had to do their best with absolutely no hint of drama.

You can see that I wasn’t even ready for. It was also the beginning of the internet age, and the speed of information movement. Nicknamed “The Phenomenon,” he shows that modern game players are better equipped to deal with the mental health issues associated with social media.

“Today, players are better prepared, they have the medical procedures they need to face each day, players are more studied: profiles of each player, how they react, How should you react? “Unfortunately, in my time there was no such thing, because we know football can cause a lot of stress and be very decisive for the rest of your life.

Throughout the course of Ronaldo's career, he has suffered a number of major knee injuries that have had a detrimental effect on his game. Although these injuries are physical in nature, Ronaldo admits that he and his teammates had not considered the fact that they could face mental health challenges as well.

Among the younger generation of today, it has been totally ignored. “Obviously, many people are going through rough times and even falling into depression because of lack of privacy and freedom. It wasn’t very available”.

He added:

“The reality is we didn’t even know this problem existed. My generation completely ignored it. It’s clear that many people go through terrible times, even depression, because of the lack of privacy, the lack of freedom. It is true that the problem is very obvious, but the solution is not very practical”.


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