Mason Greenwood is arrested: accused of breaching his bail by contacting a victim

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Mason Greenwood is arrested: accused of breaching his bail by contacting a victim

As a result of getting in contact with the girl who accused Mason Greenwood of rape, the Manchester United star Mason Greenwood was arrested once again. In the midst of the recent arrest of England striker Mason Greenwood on suspicion of violating his bond conditions, Manchester United have been made aware of this arrest.

After his ex-girlfriend, Harriet Robson accused him of rape and physical assault at the end of January, Greenwood was arrested and spent three days in custody under arrest. There is also a possibility that the court may revoke the bail order that was obtained by the 21-year-old football player on February 3, and today the Manchester police arrested him on suspicion of contacting Harriet, which was strictly forbidden by the court.

An official from Greater Manchester Police has stated in a statement that they are aware of an allegation pertaining to the breach of bail conditions of a 21-year-old man, and on Saturday evening the man was arrested. According to the spokesperson, "as of right now, inquiries are ongoing".

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said in a statement:

“Greater Manchester Police are aware of an allegation regarding a 21-year-old man breaching his bail conditions and an arrest has been made on Saturday 15 October 2022.

Enquiries are ongoing at this time." Greenwood was immediately suspended from playing or training with his club as a result of the online allegations made in January, and he will not be able to do so until further notice.

He was removed from the active squads on the Fifa 22 game by Electronic Arts and Nike ceased its sponsorship deal with him. For now, it is not known when and if he will be released from custody again. Sources close to Old Trafford confirmed that the club had been informed of the latest development, and thanked the club for its quick response.

However, United will not be providing any further comments on the matter until the police have completed their investigation. The last time the young Englishman played for United was on January 22 in a game against West Ham.

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