Tottenham wants a long-term cooperation with Antonio Conte

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Tottenham wants a long-term cooperation with Antonio Conte

Tottenham's management is clearly satisfied with the work of their manager Antonio Conte and will try in every way to keep him long-term. The British Telegraph reports that for this reason, a new contract for the experienced Italian is already ready.

After Saturday's victory (2:0) over Everton, Tottenham is in third place in the table, and the goal of the people from the club is to stay in that position as long as possible. In addition, the Roosters are doing very well in the Champions League, where they are the leaders of the group ahead of Marseille, Sporting, and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Conte has stated that he is 'happy' to focus on the project he is working on.

“I have to be honest. In my career the contract was never important. I didn’t need to sign contracts for one, two or three years. For the club it could also be a weight,” he said.

“I’m happy, I’m happy. We’re working really well together. It’s not that one year on the contract more or less can change the situation”. He continued: “For sure we want to continue to improve, to build something important for this club.

If the idea continues to be in this way, there will be zero problems to continue my life in Tottenham because I stay well and I like this group of players and I have a good relationship with Paratici and with Daniel Levy”.

An extension of Davies' contract until the end of 2025 was announced earlier this month, which was considered a major victory by the Italian. “Yeah first of all Ben Davies deserved to sign a new contract because last season he played in an outstanding way and he’s a really good guy,” said Conte.

He’s always positive and to have a player like him in your starting XI or on the bench at this level I think is important”.

After discussing Davies, Conte continued:

“Then for sure the club will want to try to renew the contract of their best players.

You know very well that Harry is for us is an important player, but I see him very happy. I see him happy. His feelings are positive but at the same time we have to understand that if we want to reach something important we have to fight in every game and tonight they showed yeah we played football, but the opponent won”.

All this indicates that the club is doing well and that nothing should be changed. According to the current contract, the Italian earns 15 million pounds per year.

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