Max Allegri: "Chiesa and Pogba are not ready, risk madness"

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Max Allegri: "Chiesa and Pogba are not ready, risk madness"

Massimiliano Allegri at the press conference on the eve of the Serie A match between Juventus and Empoli also spoke of the highly anticipated returns of Federico Chiesa and Paul Pogba. Allegri said: "Chiesa and Pogba? They won't be there against Empoli.

As of today, Chiesa and Pogba don't have them, they're not available for tomorrow. Chiesa has had two training sessions with the team, Pogba has been training very partially with the team at the moment team. Tomorrow I'm not there.

I too would like all the squad available, especially to make changes. Chiesa has made some steps forward, on Saturday morning a friendly match will be organized for Federico, to see how he moves on the whole field and his outfit.

He has partially done something with the team, but we are on Thursday and Tuesday are 5 days away."

Max Allegri: "Chiesa and Pogba are not ready, risk madness"

Allegri then said: "Paul, on the other hand, has not been doing serious training since 23 July, you have to give him time.

work done is pure madness. I have to evaluate: McKennie comes from 11 games in a row but he runs a lot. Cuadrado comes from multiple games. I have to consider whether to continue with Rabiot and McKennie, Locatelli or Paredes, whether to remove one of the three or add another one, or move one to one side.

It depends, we also have an important game on Tuesday: now 15 games are played, no longer 10 or 13 as in the past. All the more reason who comes on the bench and plays a few minutes becomes decisive. We have conceded 7 goals, we are in line with regard to the defensive phase, we lack points against Salernitana and Monza.

We have to work but it is the past: now we have to look ahead, the teams in front are traveling, there are many teams that have many points because the teams at the bottom of the standings have instead made few."