Rio Ferdinand comments on Ronaldo's suspension: I wouldn't have been happy as player

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Rio Ferdinand comments on Ronaldo's suspension: I wouldn't have been happy as player

Rio Ferdinand commented on the suspension of Ronaldo from the team, and Erik Ten Hag's decision. “I wouldn't have been happy as a player,” Ferdinand said on BT Sport.
“I would definitely have approached him.

I would probably have been in the queue of people wanting to speak to about that decision. Ronaldo was supposed to leave the club in the summer, but he changed his mind at the last minute. It looked like he would get more minutes, but...

“But I think there's two ways to look at, and I don't condone it for one moment, but there's always another side to the story.
“Maybe communication hasn't been as clear as maybe he would have wanted.
“You're dealing with someone like Cristiano Ronaldo, like it or not, he's Cristiano Ronaldo.

Probably the greatest footballer to have ever played football along with [Lionel] Messi. So sometimes they are afforded a way of treatment a little bit different to everybody else. It was the same when he was there under Fergie [Alex Ferguson].
“I think all the way through his career he’s probably had that communication - how your minutes are going to look, how the games are going to look.

And I think he's at the first point in his life where that's probably not upheld from the manager, or the club.
“He’s in a position where well, ‘I don’t know where I’m at"

Finnis on Erik ten Hag's decision

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Rachel Brown-Finnis thinks that Erik ten Hag did not act well “I don't think he's [Ten Hag] dealt with it really well because I think it could have been prevented,” she said.
“A manager is there obviously to prepare the team for matchday but to manage personalities as well.
“And if he couldn't foresee Ronaldo being unhappy with not being on the bench, with not knowing where he is, not knowing his status within the squad, then I think that's something Ten Hag will learn from”.

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