Garry Neville: Cristiano Ronaldo can’t accept not being the star man

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Garry Neville: Cristiano Ronaldo can’t accept not being the star man

Garry Neville reacted to Erik Ten Haga's decision to leave Cristiano Ronaldo out of the squad: "For me, [he] had no choice, no option... It's a messy end and Ten Hag is trying to establish control." "Cristiano is going to have to go somewhere else that's going to play him every week because he can't accept being on the bench."
Neville said for "End it this week or create a truce to get to the World Cup.

It's not doing him any favours. Leaving the dressing room before full-time, that's not what he does. if you’re doing things like that you've got to leave." Roy Keane had a somewhat different opinion "There are players at Man United who have done a lot worse than what he's done."- Keane said.

Roy Keane explained his view: "They played Man City a few weeks ago and it could've been 16 [goals they conceded]. The manager says, 'I'm not bringing him on' because he didn’t want to disrespect Ronaldo. He goes to Everton a week later, comes on, scores a goal.

Starts against Newcastle…"

Hasselbaink and Neville reacted

Jimmy Floyd-Hasselbaink thinks Ronaldo is difficult to deal with. "I don’t think they can carry him. They can’t carry him." Keane reacted to Neville's statement about United fans.

Many of them want Ronaldo in the squad. "I couldn't care less what fans think. A lot of the fans haven't got a clue." Garry Neville believes that Ronaldo wants to be the main role. Neville believes Ronaldo should leave the cub.

"They’ve been top players for 20 years who’ve won lots of trophies. The same things happened at Manchester United, we know him, we love him but he can’t accept not being the star man. He’s going to have to leave, that’s it, that’s all it is."

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