Gerard Pique denies insulting the referee in his final match for Barcelona

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Gerard Pique denies insulting the referee in his final match for Barcelona

Gerard Pique ended his rich playing career with the red card he received at halftime of the match against Osasuna, and referee Jesus Gil Manzano wrote in the report that he did it because the Barcelona stopper cursed his mother.

"You are the referee who has most screwed Barcelona by some distance. You are a f****** disgrace." , are the words that Pique uttered, according to Manzano's report.

But Pique denied that he insulted the referee at all.

As he pointed out, now that he has finished his career, he cannot be suspended, so there is no need to lie about what really happened.

"I’ve been doing interviews since I was 17 years old. Now I’m free, you no longer have to be pigeonholed and answer what you have to. I didn’t s*** on anyone’s mother," he said. "I’ll explain how it was and I understand that it’s current.

At half-time, after the referee harmed us, Robert’s first yellow is not a yellow, there is no corner, then the foul on Marcos Alonso… it’s not that they are dubious plays. The corner, the ball does not pass near anyone.

"We go into the tunnel and I told him that he always harms us. With that alone he sends me off. I’m surprised he sent me off for that. At the smallest thing, they send you off, you can’t say anything. "In the Premier League, they allow you to talk to them.

I, already sent off, go into the locker room with more team-mates who came from playing. "There is someone inside who says 'I s*** on the f****** mother of [the referee]. The referee listens to him from his locker room and puts the words in my mouth."

he added. "What it says in the report is once I’ve already been sent off, they don’t send me off for that,' he said. 'They only send me off for saying "You’re the same as always" He did it because they want to suspend me for six or eight games, even though I’m retired." he concluded.