Rio Ferdinand commented on Cristiano Ronaldo's statements

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Rio Ferdinand commented on Cristiano Ronaldo's statements
Rio Ferdinand commented on Cristiano Ronaldo's statements

Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the football public after an interview with Piers Morgan. Ronaldo revealed that he is disappointed with Erik ten Hag and that he has no respect for him. Ronaldo mentioned many more 'faces', and did not fail to criticize Wayne Rooney.

Rio Ferdinand talked about it on his YT channel. “I’m quite clear with this situation. It’s over. That love affair with Manchester United is finished. The book has been closed,” he said. “He’s snookered the club and put them into a position where there’s no way back.

Whether anyone at the club wanted to keep Ronaldo, they can’t now after what he’s said.“If that interview was two minutes long and not an hour or two, and he said that comment there, that ‘I don’t respect the manager’, regardless of everything else he’s said that is going to be the reason why he goes”.

Ferdinand believes that this is the move that will make Ronaldo leave the club. "You can't sit here and defend that from Cristiano Ronaldo because, deep down, and I know for a fact, this has all been manufactured for one thing and that's for him to leave the club.

I don't feel like the club will take him back and I don't think that he wants to come back, that's a given, and I think this is all manufactured for that reason, that he wants to get out of this place."

Sir Alex Ferguson's era

Cristiano Ronaldo talked about Sir Alex Ferguson era vs now.

"I don't know what's going on. Since Sir Alex Ferguson left I have not seen evolution in the club. The progress was zero,” said Ronaldo Ferdinand believes that the 'coach' is an authority above all.
“I’ve played with players.

[Ruud] van Nistelrooy, Roy Keane, David Beckham, and before I was there, Jaap Stam.
All the players, the manager booted out of the football club because he said they thought they were players that were bigger than the club at the time – for different reasons.
All of them reasons, by the way, were nothing like we’ve seen today.
The point I keep going back to: us, everyone in media, the fans, knew this moment was coming”.

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