Teddy Sheringham on Ronaldo's comments: He's not 29 anymore


Teddy Sheringham on Ronaldo's comments: He's not 29 anymore
Teddy Sheringham on Ronaldo's comments: He's not 29 anymore

United legend Teddy Sheringham is furious with Cristiano Ronaldo for his comments. In an interview with talkSport, he commented on the situation; “I’ve heard a couple of the words used: ‘disrespected and ‘trying to forced out’ - I’m very surprised at that,” he said in an interview with talkSPORT.
“If you’re still performing at the highest level, people respect you.

If you’re doing things in and around the football club that you shouldn’t be, like walking down the tunnel when you should be part of the team, that’s when you lose the respect. It works hand-in-hand.
If I’m hearing it right that he doesn’t respect the manager and he’s been disrespected, then there’s absolutely no chance that he could play for Manchester United again.
It sounds like there’s going to be more that comes out of this Piers Morgan interview.

You cannot attack your football club and expect everything to be hunky dory when you come back from the World Cup”.

Sheringham and Ronaldo

Sheringham emphasized that Ronaldo is no longer a young player, and that he must respect the coach “You’ve got to realise that he’s not 29 anymore,” he added.
“He’s past his best, and you have to understand that you’re going to be used sparingly at that age.

You cannot play every game; he wants to be the main man.
“I know he’s a thin man and he looks great, but it comes to all of us when you become past your best. If he was to realise that and let Ten Hag use him in the manner he feels fit, then it would be a different story.

However, he obviously says he doesn’t respect Ten Hag. There’s the problem straight away; if you don’t have respect for the manager, then it doesn’t matter what else you do”.