Joan Laporta revealed whether Barça will spend money in January

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Joan Laporta revealed whether Barça will spend money in January

Barcelona president Joan Laporta spoke about Barcelona's ambitions in the coming period. It is clear that there is a financial crisis in Catalonia, but many are still optimistic and hope that Laporta will find a solution for it.

However, the president of the club revealed that Barcelona will not trade in January, which will certainly annoy the fans. Laporta is not to blame for that, there are other factors as well. "We had to pull some levers, which were economic operations that saved the club from ruin, and now the club is in economic recovery.

But despite that, according to the rules of Financial Fair Play of the Spanish league, we can not sign [players].
Us and some other La Liga clubs are also trying to convince La Liga to be more flexible, and allow us other types of interpretations that can make Barcelona even stronger."

- he said, as quoted by

Joan Laporta and ffp

Laporta believes that financial fair play should be applied everywhere, not only in La Liga. Things on the football scene are not the clearest, it must be admitted.

"Financial Fair Play should be harmonised in all European leagues because there are inequalities in this regard.
"It is more flexible in the Premier League than in Spain and it doesn't make much sense to me," the Blaugrana president added.

Barcelona are not at the level they are expected to be, but they are still contenders for the title in La Liga. They are aware that it will be difficult next to Real Madrid, but they will not give up. Barcelona will continue the season in the Europa League, and already in the 1/16 finals, a tough challenge awaits them, considering that they will play against the English giant, Manchester United.

United is playing much better this season than it was before, but even that is far from what is expected from the Red Devils. Interesting situation. Both clubs are motivated.