FIFA World Cup Qatar: England scored six goals against Iran

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FIFA World Cup Qatar: England scored six goals against Iran

England's football players beat Iran in the first round of Group B at the World Cup with a convincing score of 6:2 and announced their campaign for the title of world champion. The English dominated throughout the match, and the Iranians were forced to change their goalkeeper at the very beginning of the match after Beiranvand got injured and had to come in as the backup net keeper Hosseini.

He capitulated already in the 35th minute when Shaw passed on the left side and crossed, and Bellingham headed it to make it 1:0. In the 43rd minute after a corner, Maguire headed the ball to Saki who scored a fantastic goal from the volley, and just two minutes later Kane worked wonderfully for Sterling who scored for 3:0, which was the final score of the first half.

In the continuation of the match, the English continued to attack, and in the 62nd minute, Saka scored the second goal of the match when, after a series of dribbling, he checked Hosseini with a shot from 15 meters. Iran scored an honorable goal four minutes later when Taremi knocked the ball off the crossbar for 4:1.

However, already in the 71st minute of the match, Kane made substitute Rashford work, who scored 5:1 after only 49 seconds on the field in the first contact with the ball. The vice-champion of Europe calmly brought the match to an end, and in the 89th minute, reserve player Grealish scored for 6:1, and Gordi Albion announced the campaign for the title that English fans have been waiting for since 1966.

We saw the last goal in 90+13. minutes when Taremi scored from the penalty spot for the final 6:2. Tonight in this group at 20:00 USA and Wales will play their first round match. In the second round, on November 25, the English will play against the USA at 8:00 p.m., while Iran will play against Wales at 11:00 a.m.

on the same day. Result and scorers: England - Iran 6:2 (Bellingham 35', Saka 43', 62', Sterling 45+1', Rashford 71', Grealish 89' - Taremi 65', 90+13')

The captains won't wear LGBT support armbands

The captains of England, Germany, Belgium, the USA, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Wales planned to wear ribbons in the colors of the rainbow, but already today Harry Kane went on the field against Iran with a black ribbon, and in the next match neither did Virgil Van Dijk will not be leading the Dutch with the "One Love" armband.

Namely, FIFA threatened the national teams at the World Cup with a yellow card before the game if they wore "One Love" captain's armbands in rainbow colors. Until now, FIFA supported the "One Love" ribbons that the national team captains often wore in previous matches, but now it has decided to "change the record", which is not surprising considering the attitude of the Qatari authorities towards LGBT people.

The official explanation is that "captains can choose from seven official strips", but no one from the federations who planned for their captains to wear "One Love" strips really believe that this is the real reason.