Belgium's World Cup jersey's 'Love' detail has been blocked by FIFA

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Belgium's World Cup jersey's 'Love' detail has been blocked by FIFA
Belgium's World Cup jersey's 'Love' detail has been blocked by FIFA

Yesterday, in a "cultural" way, FIFA banned the captains from wearing rainbow-colored ribbons at the World Cup, and then in a not-so-subtle way, they banned the Belgians from wearing one set of jerseys. FIFA first threatened national teams at the World Cup with pre-match yellow cards if they wore the rainbow "One Love" captain's armbands, with the official explanation being that "captains can choose from seven official armbands".
Basically, she didn't totally ban "One Love" tapes, but she made it clear to crews that it wouldn't be tolerated.

However, in the case of the Belgian jersey, FIFA was merciless and "without gloves" ordered that there should be no LGBT motifs on the Belgian jersey. The Football Association of Belgium prepared a special second set of jerseys for the World Cup.

The first is the traditional red, and the second was supposed to be white, but with special motifs. The jersey was discreetly decorated with rainbow colors, the letters and numbers are also colorful, and on the inside of the collar "Love" is written, with the letter "o" containing the logo of the famous music festival Tomorrowland.

Also, on the back of the jersey, in the lower part below the number, "Love" was written. However, so much "love" in Qatar is clearly not welcome, and FIFA decided to ban the jersey just two days before Belgium's first match at the World Cup.

“The word LOVE must disappear. It's sad, but FIFA leaves us no choice," Peter Bossaert, president of the Belgian Football Association (RBFA), told Nieuwsblad. "The rest of the equipment remains unchanged." Now the Belgians and Adidas are in a race against time because they will have to remove the controversial inscription from all the jerseys, and luckily for them, they will be able to play in the red jerseys until the knockout stage, so they will be able to make the necessary changes.

Also, the rest of the jersey will not be changed and the rainbow colors on the jersey will remain. Let us remind you that Belgium is in Group F, and in the first round they will play against Canada on November 23, then against Morocco on the 27th, while in the last round they will meet Croatia on December 1.


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