Gareth Bale achieved something only David Villa could with his goal against the USA


Gareth Bale achieved something only David Villa could with his goal against the USA
Gareth Bale achieved something only David Villa could with his goal against the USA

The goal he scored in the match against the USA marked Gareth Bale's career in many ways. Although the American footballers gave them a lesson in beautiful and attractive and ultimately effective football in the first half, the Welsh players managed to pull themselves together and score a valuable big point in the second half, a point that leaves them in an even fight for the passage of the group at the World Cup championship in Qatar.

The scorer was none other than Gareth Bale, their great, who first won the penalty kick and then converted it into a goal. The Welsh have been waiting for this for 64 years It was his 41st goal in the national jersey in a total of 109 appearances, but also a goal that his compatriots had been waiting for for 64 years.

That is, the first goal for Wales in the world championships that most of his compatriots have experienced so far. The reason for this is that this is the Welsh's first World Cup since 1958 when under the leadership of the legendary Jimmy Murphy, they were eliminated in the quarter-finals by the eventual champions, Pele's Brazil.

Before Bale, the last goalscorer for Wales at the World Cup was Terry Medwin, a man who turns 90 today and was able to witness his successor as one of the few who not only saw Wales' last two World Cup goals but scored one of them.

Bale made history

However, the Los Angeles FC player, with whom he won the MLS championship a few weeks ago, and of course entered the list of top scorers, did not reach this achievement alone. He did something that so far only one man has been able to do, and that is a man with a huge name, David Villa.

He scored in his first appearance at the World and European Championships and in his first Champions League final. Bale opened the Welsh fairy tale at Euro 2016 with a goal against Slovakia and repeated it six and a half years later in Katra.

He was also the scorer of Real's leading goal (2:1) in the Champions League final in 2014, which the Royal Club won in true drama. David Villa is even stronger in that context. In 2006, in his first appearance at the World Cup, he scored two goals for the Ukrainians, while two years later, he opened the Euro, which he eventually won and was the top scorer, with a hat trick against Russia.

He won the Champions League in 2011, also scoring in his first final. All in all, we are sure that Gareth Bale still hasn't done his last in this competition, which most believe is certainly the last in his career with the national team, but many believe that in case of a good result, he could even hang up his football boots.