Shocking claims from Spain: The Argentine football team let Saudi Arabia win

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Shocking claims from Spain: The Argentine football team let Saudi Arabia win

The Argentine football team let Saudi Arabia win 2:1 in the first match of Group C at the World Cup in Qatar, according to the Spanish "As". The Spanish newspaper also claims that Argentina captain Lionel Messi signed a contract earlier this year to be a sports ambassador for Saudi Arabia.

“The shock victory does not make us wonder not only how Argentina lost to the second cheapest team in the World Cup, but how the Saudis ended the 36-match unbeaten run of Messi's team, which should have won the World Cup.

And with all that, it seems that Messi is a promoter of Saudi Arabia," the text of "Asa" states. Spanish media claim that Messi is lobbying for Saudi Arabia to host the World Cup in 2030. “In May, probably the best and most famous footballer on the planet signed a contract to promote Saudi Arabia.

The contract talks about state investment in tourism, but one cannot fail to notice that Saudi Arabia wants the World Cup in 2030," the text concludes. In group C, in addition to Argentina and Saudi Arabia, there are also the selections of Mexico and Poland.

Asked how his teammates were feeling after the game, Messi said:

"The truth? Dead. It's a very hard blow because we did not expect to start in this way. We expected to get the three points that would have given us calmness," Messi said.

"Things happen for a reason. We have to prepare for what is coming, we have to win, and it depends on us." "There are no excuses. We are going to be more united than ever. This group is strong, and we have shown it. It is a situation that we haven't gone through in a long time.

Now we have to show that this is a real group." "It's a painful loss but we have to continue to trust ourselves," he said. "We must turn the page and move on. We have to analyse what went wrong. Focus on the positives and turn our attention to the game against Mexico." "My message to the supporters is to have faith," Messi added.

"We won't leave them stranded. "We knew that Saudi Arabia is a team with good players, that they move the ball well and that they push the [defensive] line a lot. We worked on it, but we rushed a bit. We have to go back to the base of who we are. We have to think about what's next."