Ruben Dias: “The first day I met Ronaldo, I saw why he's.."

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Ruben Dias: “The first day I met Ronaldo, I saw why he's.."
Ruben Dias: “The first day I met Ronaldo, I saw why he's.."

Portugal will play against Ghana in about an hour. The Portuguese have ambitions to go to the very end, especially if we consider that this is the last championship for Cristiano Ronaldo. Ruben Dias, a great defender, spoke about his team's ambitions and what he expects.

“It will definitely be a special moment. I had the chance of being in the 2018 World Cup in Russia,” Dias told CNN Sport.
“I felt a different perspective because it’s one thing to watch it from the outside, you know how big it is, but then to actually live it and be there, it’s just something else." In addition to the Champions League, every player dreams of one day lifting the world champion trophy.

It is the greatest feat in his career. Dias and the team will do their best to reach the very end, but they will face a tough challenge. “As a player, it’s probably the biggest [trophy] you can achieve. It’s unfair to put it into words, to be honest, the feeling you must have after you’ve done it”.

Ruben Dias on Ronaldo

The center of attention will be none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese is expected to show his true capacity, given that he was not good enough at Manchester United this season. In addition, his statements regarding United and the coach led to the termination of his contract.

Many are interested in his future. Dias talked about the first training session with Ronaldo. It was immediately clear why Cristiano is so successful. “The first day I met [Ronaldo], actually trained with him, he had just won the Champions League,” Dias said.
“I still remember that day and we were practising in normal practice.

And then you just see why he was where he was.
“You know, the way he did everything, every single thing, the detail, the dedication”.