Richarlison, the star of Qatar 2022: what a crazy goal!

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Richarlison, the star of Qatar 2022: what a crazy goal!
Richarlison, the star of Qatar 2022: what a crazy goal!

Richarlison was the star of Brazil's 2-0 win over Serbia at the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, where he scored both Brazilian goals. The second, especially, an overhead shot of exquisite workmanship that has left the sports world speechless.

Richarlison was born in 1997, and grew up in Nova Venecia, in a difficult family situation due to the separation of his parents. As a child he sold ice cream and washed cars, but he also said he collected coffee to help out at home.

During his complicated childhood, he even risked his life because of a drug trafficker in his area, who pointed a gun at him, mistaking him and a friend of his for out-of-territory drug dealers. From America the soccer player moved to Fluminense, before going to England at Watford in 2017.

Subsequently, Richarlison moved to Everton, where he scored 43 goals in 135, before ending up at Tottenham.

Richarlison, the star of Qatar 2022: what a crazy goal!

An interesting anecdote, which makes us understand the character of the young Brazilian soccer player, comes out of an interview that recounts a day lived by the Tottenham star with his father.

In fact, during a day of fishing with his father, a fact arose that changed Richarlison's perspective: "Years ago we went fishing in an area with three ponds, but the owner asked us to throw the hooks only in two. but nothing came out and before leaving I fished in the third and took a fish.

The owner saw us and scolded dad. I decided it would be the last time, no one could humiliate him!" On 1 July 2022 Richarlison moved to Tottenham outright for about 58 million dollars, with whom he signs a contract until 30 June 2027.

In September, after a friendly goal against Turkey in Paris, the Brazilian striker suffered an episode of racism: in fact, a banana was thrown at him from the stands. Brazilian Football Association said abiu the issue: "Unfortunately, after the action of the second goal, a banana was thrown onto the field towards Richarlison.

CBF strengthens its position to combat racism and rejects any prevented demonstration." Source: pic by Getty

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