Cristiano Ronaldo marks a new record in Qatar, but the future is uncertain


Cristiano Ronaldo marks a new record in Qatar, but the future is uncertain

Cristiano Ronaldo protagonist in Portugal's victory in their debut at the FIFA World Cup, the World Cup that is played in Qatar, against Ghana. The Portuguese star became the first footballer in history to score five World Cups in a row.

At the press conference, CR7 talked about his record and his future. He told: "It's a good moment, I'm in my fifth World Championship and we won, starting on the right foot. It's a very important success: we know that in these competitions, winning the first race is fundamental.

Another record that is a reason for me. of great pride but it is more important that the team won. I am focused only on the World Cup, we won, we played well and I helped the team. The rest is not important and the question of Manchester United is closed.

The chapter is closed and the focus is solely and exclusively on the World Cup. As I said, we wanted to start on the right foot. We won, we played well, I helped the team. Everything else doesn't matter. Club of the future? I'll think about it after Christmas."

Portuguese manager Fernando Santos' words

Portuguese manager Fernando Santos said: "In the first half we were not very aggressive, we started to do better after the first 30-35 minutes.

At the interval I told the boys to be patient but not so much. The game was so blocked that if we had just had patience we would not have scored. Luckily we changed the type of play in attack and that's how the penalty came.

Then we hit the draw from nothing and nobody can concede a goal from nothing. We had to keep the ball anymore. in any case, the three points count and since the other game ended in a draw with another victory we will pass the group." Ronaldo knows he has reached his last World Cup, the fifth and it takes a while to get into the game, perhaps clouded by tears of emotion during the anthem.

The penalty is perhaps contestable, not the realization that leaves no way out to the Ghanaian goalkeeper. He signs the record, scoring for the fifth consecutive World Cup, no one had ever done it before.

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