Gareth Southgate: It's normal to have nights like this at the World Cup

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Gareth Southgate: It's normal to have nights like this at the World Cup

England manager Gareth Southgate could not be satisfied after his team's draw against the USA. The English did not play as expected, and many were disappointed with the performance. Southgate talked about his team's 'mistakes', but was also pleased with some aspects of the game.

“It was exactly the sort of game I thought it would be,” he said to ITV. “A good opponent who were very athletic. I knew it would be difficult after such a high to replicate that type of performance, so I’m really pleased how the players applied themselves.
“Some of the quality in the final third could have been a little bit better, but we’ve shown great resilience to defend against opponents who kept asking questions.

Gareth Southgate: “We controlled the game well from the back"

Southgate is aware that this is the World Cup, and that the teams are good. It's not easy to play against anyone. The English gave their best, they tried, but it was not enough for three points.

“We controlled the game well from the back, but were just not able to open up with that clear-cut chance. We didn’t quite have the same zip, but that’s going to happen.
This is tournament football, we’re not going to roll through a tournament, and sweep through everybody without having nights like that, when you’ve got to show different qualities to get the result”.

Their next opponent will be Wales, who have not impressed anyone so far. However, Wales has a quality team that can surprise, so the English will have to be careful before such an important match. It will be a totally different game against Wales.

Silver medal today was a point. It puts us in a really strong position in terms of qualification. If we can win our last game, we win the group”.