Canelo Alvarez angry with Lionel Messi: He should ask God that I don't find him

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Canelo Alvarez angry with Lionel Messi: He should ask God that I don't find him

Lionel Messi and his Argentina achieved a great victory over Mexico with a score of 2:0. After the match, there was a celebration, and many were shocked after in one of the videos, the Mexico jersey that he 'pushed away' with his foot stands under Messi.

Reactions immediately followed, and one of the first to react was the boxing star, Canelo Alvarez. “I saw Messi cleaning the floor with our jersey and flag? He should ask God that I don’t find him".- Alvarez said.

Alvarez believes that Leo Messi should have shown his respect towards Mexico, and that his act is unacceptable. “Just as I respect Argentina, you have to respect Mexico! I’m not talking about the country [Argentina], I’m talking about Messi because of the [disrespectful action] he did," he went on to say.
Anyone who doesn’t defend their homeland is an a***hole … fanaticism is one thing, your identity is another.

Long live Mexico cabrones”.

Lionel Messi: “We needed this euphoria"

Leo Messi is happy with the victory, which will be of great importance for his team. A moment of magic from Messi was the deciding factor in the end.

Now all they have to do is prepare for the next match, which will be crucial for their passage to the next round. Argentina must give their best if they want to beat the Poles. It will be perhaps the most difficult challenge so far.

Robert Lewandowski and the team want to win and secure first place in the group. “We needed this euphoria," Messi said following the victory. “The days were very long, and we were eager to have the chance to turn it around.
"It was a critical game.

[Winning] was a weight off our shoulders, and we now have peace of mind”. Interesting situation on the football scene.